Round Tracking

Using the filename and extension of an image, VeryBusy automatically tracks the number of rounds of an image uploaded to the platform. The number is displayed for you on the asset (seen below). Here, we'll walk you through how this works.

When you create a new project in VeryBusy, you will be asked where you're starting:

  • Unretouched images: "I'm starting with images that have not yet been retouched, so start counting at 0," or

  • Retouched images: "One round of retouching has already been done, and now I'm uploading them for review - so start at 1".

Now, each time an image is uploaded to VeryBusy with the same filename and extension, the round counter on the asset thumbnail will increase +1.

Note: if you upload an asset in Markup View that has a different name, the new name will overwrite the existing name.

Note: You cannot edit the round number, however, you can delete the previous round and replace it with a new round.

For information about navigating between rounds, click here.

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