Clicking on an image thumbnail in your Image View will take you into Markup View. This is where instructions for retouching are created, shared, and tracked.

Making Comments and Markups

  1. Select the brush icon located at the bottom of the comment panel

  2. When you hover over the image, your cursor will change to a circle.

  3. Click and draw on the image to call attention to specific parts of the image.

  4. Once you’ve made your markups, type the instructions in the comment box. Note: you can leave only a comment; however, you cannot leave a markup without a comment.

Markup View Controls

  • Before and after icon allows you to compare the current and previous round with a click of your mouse

  • Zoom: see finer detail in the image by zooming in. To pan across the image when zoomed in, it’s cmd or ctrl + click. Tip: the higher the resolution of the upload, the more detail you will see when you zoom in. We recommend around 2000 px on the long edge at 72dpi.

  • Approve: is the retouching locked-in? Click the approval button to tag the image as approved.

  • Download: download the latest round of the image anytime

  • Delete: remove the image from the project

  • 💡 Tip: in Markup View, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move through the project images quickly.

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