Uploading Images to a Project

There are three ways to upload files to a project in VeryBusy.

  • The quickest way to upload images to VeryBusy is to drag and drop them. Once you’ve created a new project, you can drag images from your computer or hard drive directly onto the project screen.

  • The second way to upload files is to click the blue plus-sign next to the Project Name. You’ll be prompted to select the files you want to upload from your computer or hard drive.

  • The third way to upload files is to click the dropdown next to the Project Name, then select “Upload Assets”

  • The fourth way is to upload a file in Markup View. At the bottom of the screen, click the button with the plus sign.

  • The fifth way to upload a file is by clicking the three dots on an image thumbnail. A dropdown menu will appear with the option to “Add Round”.

VeryBusy can display the following file types: tif, jpg, png, psd, psb, dng, crw, cr2, nef, arw, indd, ai, doc, docx, csv, xls, xlsx, pdf, and txt. VeryBusy does not accept .zip files.

Note: VeryBusy’s automatic round tracking will keep a count of how many times an image has been uploaded to VeryBusy, which helps users know how many revisions the image has been through. To take advantage of this, keep the filename consistent each time you upload a new version for review. For more information, see Round Tracking.

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